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Meer over de Artists in Residence

LASTESIS: Daffne Valdés Vargas and Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem, both from the performing arts area; Paula Cometa Stange, from the field of design and history, and Lea Cáceres, from costume design, organized and gave life to the interdisciplinary group of feminist artists colectivo LASTESIS.

The name lies in the fact that the objective of these four women is to take theses of feminist authors and translate them into a performative format in order to reach multiple audiences. Using the collage technique, the work of colectivo LASTESIS links performance, sound, visual and textil experimentation, with the aim of generating a graphic, visual and scenic appreciation of this theoretical essays that address gender issues from a feminist perspective.

LASTESIS premiered in the fourth version of the Festival de Teatro Porteño de Mujeres GESTA (Women’s Theater Festival) Valparaíso (August 2018) with Patriarcado y Capital es alianza criminal, a platform that seeks to promote and disseminate the scenic creation of women in the region of Valparaíso. El violador eres tú was premiered in Valparaíso (2020) and afterwards have been programated in the Santiago a Mil Festival and in the HAU Heber am Ufer theater in Berlin. This year they premiered RESISTENCIA o la reivindicación de un derecho colectivo, a collaborative performance in the public space with the participation of about 80 women and LGTBQIA+ dissidents of different ages and backgrounds, after having worked together in a creative laboratory process. RESISTENCIA is a co-production between Fundación Teatro a Mil FITAM, Parque Cultural Ex-Cárcel de Valparaíso and the HAU Heber am Ufer. They are also the creators of multiple collaborative video-performances and of the street performance un violador en tu camino, thatwas replicated in more than 50 countries on five continents.

Maryam K. Hedayat is a filmmaker, writer, curator and dramaturg. After her studies Language and Literature at the University of Antwerp and film directing at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, she focused on making short films, short documentaries and video installations. In addition to screenplays, she writes essays and journalistic articles that have previously appeared in, among others, rekto:verso magazine, Mo magazine, De Standaard and Deus ex Machina.

In 2019, Hedayat, together with other directors, founded Wanda, an action group for Flemish directors that fights for more inclusion and diversity in the film sector. She is also a member of the Hyster-X collective, a collective for female artists and writers.

In 2020, she started working part-time as a city curator at ARGOS, a center for audiovisual arts in Brussels. In her position she combines her artistic practice with her love for film and the social-artistic through the projects she designs.

She also curates film programs for Wanda and ARGOS with a strong focus on female filmmakers and themes such as the female gaze. An example of this is the exhibition Female Haze(d), a collaboration between Hedayat and Decoratelier in Brussels.

Lucila Guichon, born in Buenos Aires, is an artist, artistic producer and teacher based in Berlin. She creates performances, video-installations and collaborates on theater projects. Moving between diverse collaborative partnerships, she researches the contemporary urban environment as a laboratory and stage for artistic creation. She designs, produces and coordinates projects with theatres, museums, cultural institutions and individual artists. Since 2010 she works as a freelance member of the artistic team of Mestizo Arts Platform. She is the founder of MESTIZX in Berlin.

Jennifer Baez Matos (Santo Domingo – 1987) is a Belgian spoken word artist of Latin American origin. Her work investigates power relations in society and decolonising narratives. She writes for – amongst others – Kif Kif and recently wrote her own theatre monologue.


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