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Désirée 0100

#workinprogress / #WIPCOOP2022

THE SECRET CYCLES is an ongoing research on non-western codes of dance, musicality, folklore and gathering as a social practice of care, joy and survival. For the first part of this intended trilogy The Secret Cycles part 1 : La fiesta de Delfina situates its imaginary inside a birthday party somewhere in Latin America.

This duet activates the experience and memories of the two dancers who share a similar migrating journey and cultural backgrounds. Yet, both have a different experience of dance. (Désirée & Luis migrated from Latin America, however Luis has a solid academic training on folklore, hiphop, folkloric and contemporary dance, and Désirée is a self-taught dance artist who studied visual arts).

Original Idea by Désirée 0100 / Created and performed by Désirée 0100 & Luis Ramírez Muñoz / With the support of Kunstenwerkplaats (production assistance), Viernulvier/vooruit (studio & residency place) and Mestizo Arts Platform/WIPCOOP.

Désirée 0100 is a dancer and choreographer, born in 1992 (Mexico), She lives in Belgium since 2018. Her work has a strong connection with the improvisation practice, the folklore, musicality, migration, healing rituals, and social justice for the marginalized communities.Besides her performing career, Désirée teaches and creates dance opportunities within hospitals, prisons and psychiatric centers, but also for professional and amateur dancers in cultural and artistic institutions. As a guest artist she has collaborated with David Zambrano, Florence Casanave, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Benjamin Abel Meirhaighe, Krakland, The Ostend Street Orkestra, among others. She was among the founding team of Tictac Art Centre, where she worked during three years (2018-2021).

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#PLAY La fiesta de delfina.


Welcome to the birthday party! In La fiesta de delfina we welcome two masked figures to a get-together. They bring a surprising mix of dance and clownery in a fragmented, sombre and at times grotesque narrative.

Through themes like celebration, party, and the absence of loved ones, the duo questions the position of performers and ‘entertainment’ – whether in a European black box or at a birthday party in a garage in Latin America.

Desirée Cerocien and Luis Miguel Ramirez Muñoz both emigrated from Latin America to Europe and studied contemporary dance here. With this creation, they want to open up a dialogue around their two-fold cultures and identities, and reflect about what the evolution of and the ties between urban culture, dance and institutional art could look like.


Welkom op het verjaardagsfeest!
In La fiesta de delfina verwelkomen twee gemaskerde figuren je op een partijtje. Ze brengen een bevreemdende mix van dans en clownerie in een gefragmenteerd, somber en bij tijden grotesk narratief.

Via thema’s als vieren, feest en de afwezigheid van geliefden bevragen het duo de positie van performers en ‘entertainment’ – hetzij in een Europese blackbox, het zij op een verjaardagsfeestje in een garage in Latijns-Amerika.

Désirée Cerocien en Luis Miguel Ramirez Munoz emigreerden allebei van Latijns Amerika naar Europa en verdiepten zich hier in hedendaagse dans. Ze willen met dit stuk de dialoog opentrekken rond hun dubbele cultuur/identiteit en reflecteren over hoe de evolutie van en de banden tussen urban cultuur, dans en institutionele kunst eruit zouden kunnen zien.

CONCEPT by Désirée 0100 VAN & MET / DE & AVEC / BY & WITH Désirée 0100 & Luis Ramírez Muñoz MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Kunstenwerkplaats (production assistance), Viernulvier/vooruit (studio & residency place), Mestizo Arts Platform/WIPCOOP
Mestizo Arts Platform