Work In Progress in KVS

In one day, five emerging artists (or duos/collectives/groups of artists) share each 30 minutes of a “Work In Progress” (WIP) with a small audience. The showings are immediately followed by an in-depth feedback conversation between the artists/performers and a small group of professionals (art critics, experienced artists, dramaturges, programmers…). In the meantime, the audience can attend mini-conferences on inspiring cultural projects and artistic initiatives in Brussels.
This formula has happened since several years in the context of the Mestizo Arts Festival (MAF). MAF also organizes two half days of Work in Progress on October 17 and 18 in Antwerp. On October 19 we organise the first Brussels edition at KVS, with a selection of artists from the Brussels scene. You can discover the line-up below!
And at the end of the day, you can also attend the performance Malcolm X – a new KVS production with a large and diverse cast of (Belgian and international) performers, musicians, dancers, actors and slammers. The programme during the day is free, but please reserve your seat for the Work(s) in Progress you want to see, via the ticket link below following page: click HERE

19.10 // 10u00 // KVS BOX
Jackie BY Lola Bogaert & Sarah Haeck (theater, NL)

Two women become Jackie Kennedy. With historical audio & video tapes Lola and Sarah create their version of the tragic Kennedy fairytale. Throughout the past they try to understand the present. In a world of Panama Papers and Donald Trumps they ask themselves: ‘Who are the people who lead us? Who have the power? Who are the people behind these political characters? What is the danger in politicians also being celebrities?

19.10 // 11u30 // KVS BOX
De la poésie, du sport, etc BY Fanny Brouyaux

Starting from personal experiences, a dancer and an actress / performer are addressing their relationship to the concept of “ femininity “, the restrictive aspect that term can have for them, as it can cause hindrances, inhibitions”.

19.10 // 14u00 // KVS BOX
From Molenbeek with Love BY Yassin Mrabtifi

Yassin incorporates pop culture, contemporary dance, movie, martial arts and hiphop in his work. He has only just started working on From Molenbeek with Love. In a dialogue with the audience he will raise questions about revolution, the influence of art on society and identity in relation to Brussels neighbourhood Molenbeek.

19.10 // 15u30 // KVS BOX
Kuzikiliza BY Pitcho Womba Konga

By using sign language as a base to translate words to dance Kuzikiliza tries to purify and renew the bonds with spoken language. ‘Behind the independence of a country is the emancipation of an entire population; and behind the emancipation of an entire population is the independence of every human being.’

19.10 // 17u00 // KVS BOX
Seul BY Tierema Koama

‘There is nothing more painful then to feel all alone in a world that is so populated.’ This performance shows the liberating ritual of releasing itself from the chains of social pressure.

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