Work in Progress

W.I.P.: the rostrum of the new arts

Each year MAF programmes two days of Work In Progress. A dozen artists present a work in progress. The auditorium is mainly filled by the performers’ network, partner organisations and the wider art sector. After each W.I.P. performance the performers join selected art sector representatives at their table for discussion. Inquisitive city-dwellers, drawn in by the appeal of the unknown, come to get the latest news on the street. In two jam-packed days they can sample the new voices of the city. This cultural tasting is pure indulgence. It’s a joyful and thrilling experience to see something new being created at close hand. Because the artists are only showing the foundations of a future performance the experts’ comments are intended as encouragement rather than criticism. And although the artists don’t have to follow the advice it can turn out to be gold-dust to them. Taking the contructive feedback on board the performers withdraw to the studio to allow their ideas to mature. Often with a business card in hand. And when an expert decides to help develop a performance the Mestizo Arts Platform offers its assistance. This results in several premières at the Mestizo Arts Festival the following year.

Work in Progress is straightforward: performers from various disciplines pause somewhere along the incredible route of their creative journey to show where they stand. Critics from all over the country are there to deliver constructive feedback and a business card or two.