Programme 26 & 27.10 Work In Progress WIPCOOP BXL 2022

Take a look at what is being prepared and developed on the Brussels artistic scene!

Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October, Désirée Cerocien, Eli Mathieu-Bustos, Lorena Spindler, Alex Masgutov, Naïm Belhaloumi and Emiliano Cedillo will give a taste of the new work they are developing.

Each of them shows up to 30 minutes of their WORK IN PROGRESS. This will be followed by a discussion with a group of dramaturges, coaches, producers and programmers about the work presented and possible support. During these breaks, other artists will tell the audience about their new initiatives or projects in Artist Talks.

Join us! Welcome to WIPCOOP BXL at KVS, for a mix of theatre, dance, circus and multidisciplinary work! On the programme: brand new choreographies, improvisations, images and texts, artistic research into connection, abandonment, identity, inequality, the political meaning of a body, astrology, legends, etc.


11h30 // Alex Masgutov SAFE IN THE HANDS OF LOVE? Mixing symbolic gestures, personal reality and social evocations, Alex will perform a solo choreography highlighting the experience of fetishisation.

12h00 // Artist talks & lunch break

13h30 // Emiliano Cedillo questions identity and society through circus and theatre. His first solo, LA PAUVRETÉ DES PAUVRES FAIT LA RICHESSE DES RICHES, is a combination of juggling, acrobatics, artistic cycling and theatre.

14h00 // Artist talks

15h00 // Naïm Belhaloumi mixes movement, music and theatre. Starting from a very concrete feeling of abandonment, he searches through some legends for the ecstasy that precedes the catastrophe.


11h30 // With FREE DANCE ESCAPE Lorena Spindler brings together performers from different disciplines in a space – which acts as a safe, imaginary and supportive zone – that allows them to explore the notion of connection with the other. The inspiration for FREE DANCE ESCAPE came from a TikTok video.

12h00 // Artist talks & lunch break

13h30 // Eli Mathieu-Bustosis is a dancer-performer whose physical virtuosity transcends the various political identities of which he is composed. HAVE A SAFE TRAVEL is part of an investigation into the alliance between astrology and dance. Based on the De Caelo technique, Eli will present a working phase of his first solo.

14h00 // Artist talks

15h00 // THE SECRET CYCLES is an exploration of non-Western dance codes, musicality, folklore and sociability as a social practice of care, joy and survival. Désirée Cerocien presents the first part of a true trilogy. THE SECRET CYCLES PART 1: LA FIESTA DE LA DELFINA takes you to a birthday party somewhere in Latin America.


Work In Progress runs during daytime and entrance is free.

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Fall in love with new dance, theatre and multidisciplinary works!

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