Work In Progress Cooperative

WIPCOOP – Work in Progress Cooperative – gives artists and new performing arts creations an additional boost in their development, until they are ready to conquer the stages. This is achieved within a broad and very motivated network, including small and large cultural organisations, and unknown and established artists. Together we mix and match the right support for upcoming artists that are creating new work. WIPCOOP is an enrichment of your network. For artists ánd for organizations.


Above all, WIPCOOP organizes the annual Work In Progress days. These take place between October and December, in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Mechelen. Each of about 20 artists have half an hour to show a new creation to a public of professionals and curious spectators. After each presentation, approximately 10 producers, playwrights and programme directors enter into an hour long conversation, with each of the creators. Together they will take a look at concrete paths, contacts or customized support, for each of the artists and creations.

#WORKINPROGRESS: Visibility, professional feedback on Work In Progress, including tips for support.

But WIPCOOP is an all year round development course in dialogue with a community of listeners: The public, other artists, programme directors, playwrights etc. Besides the Work in Progress, we also provide impulses in cooperation with other specific organizations:

  • #POWERTALKS: Interesting conversations about your work, with playwrights, coaches, directors and others.
  • #SESSIONS: For an in-between moment, where you are able to show (almost) all of your work.
  • #PLAYS: For sharing a finished show.
  • #PROSPECTION: Showcases for programme directors.

In short, WIPCOOP = making room for new voices, stories, forms and languages in the arts

MAP links its own long-term experience to that of its partners. In each city, we bring together a whole range of organizations, who bundle their strengths in WIPCOOP. As a network, our starting point is the artistic individuality of each of the creators, and we look for the right support, such as rehearsal space, coaching, a good conversation, production support and/or programming … WIPCOOP stands for dialogue, exchange and cooperation. 

What’s in a WIPCOOP year

MAP follows up on the further development and cooperation with other partner organizations. We continuously give the work new impulses, by way of presentations, prospecting days, experts and artists-in-residence, … Our annual planning >>


Are you an artist searching for possibilities to develop new work and would you like to be more connected with organizations from the arts sector? | Would your organization like to be part of WIPCOOP? | Or would you like to know more about the many possibilities? >> Then send an EMAIL to: or

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