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A Talk With Işıl Bıçakçı

It’s just a period. Temporary period. Don’t take it personal. Don’t protest. Keep it up. Perform. Produce. Provide. Procreate… Proceed.

What inspires you?

Işıl: Philosophie, all forms of art works and science.

What has your artistic journey been like so far?

Işıl: Full of curiosity, research, pain, joy, tons of work and hope.

What was the impulse to create CAGE – FREE?

Işıl: Pressure.

What sets you apart from other artists?

Işıl: I believe that every artist has their unique way of expressing themselves and bringing their stories based on their experiences during their life. In this sense, authenticity is what distinguishes an artist/me from others and unites us at the same time.

What is your favourite part of the performance?

Işıl: The moment I step and stand on the eggs.

If the sky’s the limit, who would be part of your dream team?

Işıl: Aliens

CAGE-FREE is not a vegetarian manifesto, neither is Işıl Bıçakçı advocating the consumption of poultry. Drawing inspiration from the life of a chicken, Işıl finds some striking similarities between humanity and its feathered friends.

CAGE-FREE PLAYS  29.09.2023 at Bij’ De Vieze Gasten (try-out) + 26.10.2023 at NTGent Minnemeers – click HERE

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