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Fotoalbum WIPCOOP 2023 // Work In Progress Leuven

A vibrant first at STUK! A Review by Photographer Karolina Maruszak.

The 28th of September witnessed the unveiling of Work In Progress by Kamal Kebayli (Yaye Daro), Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Augusto Pedraza, Carla Parcianello, and the Collective VanVer. During the breaks, Manu Moreau moderated Artist Talks with artists and extra guests: Yannick Bras (Impulsion Dance), Zoë Demoustier, Oihana Azpillaga and Eline Dewaele (Platform In De Maak), Joseph Palframan and Ayoub Sadik. Mike Van Alfen guided Feedforward discussions with the artists and a group of cultural workers, including producers, programmers, dramaturges, choreographers, and workspaces.

The day was an enchanting and inspiring display of creativity, leaving us brimming with anticipation for the next steps in this artistic journey.

We extend our ♥felt gratitude to the STUK team for their warm welcome of WIPCOOP, the audience and professionals for their presence and feedback, the artists for sharing their work, Manu Moreau and Mike Van Alfen for their guidance, Louai Hashem for assisting with production, Karolina Maruszak for capturing the magic through her lens, Thijs Paijmans for the video registration, Joana Rossi and Lucila Guichon for their contributions during the breaks and Tetty Kayembe for the live online coverage!

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