What we do

Mestizo Arts PLATFORM brings artistic innovation and exploration to cities from Antwerp, via Mechelen, Ghent, Turnhout and Brussels to Rotterdam, Buenos Aires and  Mexico City. A new wave of artists with their view of the world. A mix of theatre, music, dance and image. MAP searches out the city vibes in its MAFfe Fridays, BRAINS, MAPping, Studio Urbanization, Work In Progress and other concepts. All this artistic energy culminates in the annual Mestizo Arts FESTIVAL in October.

More about MAP? Watch the TedTalk of Gerardo Salinas at TEDxFlandersSalon HERE

The wealth of new, ever-changing cities

We live in exciting times. People from all over the world are connecting and living together in a shared space: the city.  New technologies make it possible for these city-dwellers to keep close contact with their home countries. Cities generate a wealth of information and form a breeding ground for many tales to be told.

The Mestizo Arts Platform is an atlas for adventure, celebrating the diversity of our cities. In our wanderings through the city labyrinth we meet the artists who have put down roots in its vibrant streets, musing on what the city represents and dreaming about its possibilities. MAP is a declaration of love to the polis, medina or ciudad. 

A multidisciplinary arts platform and festival

MAP is a platform for the exchange of creative impulses and strategies by artists and groups from Belgium and further afield. We present our own concepts and projects together with co-productions and performances that suit our innovative take on urban art, creating a podium that reflects the ever-changing character of cities.

We proclaim artistic endeavour in all possible voices and languages so that it resounds and sparkles on the street. Artists from all disciplines shout out the strength and splendour of the city.

The mix, encounters and cross-pollination

Our point of departure is a rich mixture (mestizo) of art forms, cultures, organisations, performers, public, and the dialogue between them. We push our boundaries out into the unknown.

We look for a common language, shifting wildly between registers and mediating as translator between different world visions. Performers tell you how they view the city and invite you to broaden your horizons.

Community and cooperation

With more than 50 partner organisations and over 150 performers we lay before you the cultural wealth of our cities. We build bridges and strengthen ties between performers, cultural institutions, organisations outside the art field and of course, the city-dwellers.

Curious? Then put on your walking shoes, pick up your binoculars and take along some snacks. Don’t panic. The intimidating blare and roar of the city demands your courage and determination. Be daring! And grow with the city. Climb its towers and take time to enjoy the view from above. The confusing complexity of the city requires patience.