What we do

Mestizo Arts Platform supports upcoming artists that are developing organically in the urban contexts (growing cities, immigration, digitalisation, …).These artists mainly have their origin and/or were formed in another country, are self-taught, often working with new art forms and using different references than the Western canon.

In WIPCOOP – Work In Progress Cooperation – MAP created a wide network of (more than 40) organisations (in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Mechlin, … and further afield) in which they bring a variety of new artists, new art forms in touch with the regular arts scene. Each year new artists perform a Work In Progress and go into dialogue with people from the arts scene.The main aim is to help the artists with finding collaboration (production, residency space, coaching, programming, prospection, …) in the professional arts scene. Already over 150 artists participated with many of them now working professionally in the performing arts.

Apart from WIPCOOP MAP has smaller projects like ‘De mensen maken de stad’ (People make the cities) in Mechlin and ‘Altaar van Antwerpen’ (the altare from Antwerp) in collaboration with MAS.

More about MAP? Watch the TedTalk of Gerardo Salinas at TEDxFlandersSalon HERE

Soon more information abouth MAP’s work in English, French and Spanish. Working on it!