Shared research, shared practices

Lila Magnin, Tamayo Okano, Timur Magomedgadzhiev and Marthe Koning will get space, time and resources from 13 to 31 March to focus on their own research and experiment. No question of a final product, but rather sharing their findings, thresholds and questions. Sharing practices, in collaboration with Mestizo Arts Platform, Monty, Rataplan, Corso and detheatremaker.

Each starts from a particular question, practice, network and background that stimulates and influences their own work. They strengthen and deepen each other’s research and open new perspectives to each other through weekly meetings and exchanges. In fact, knowledge sharing occupies a prominent space. Every first monday they meet and move on to Corso, Monty or Rataplan where they continue their research. Towards the end, on 31 March at 3pm, they all share their research with one another and a small group of guests at Rataplan.

Reading out loud

The word “children” promised: friends, fun games… exactly everything that was missing at home. Timur Magomedgadzhiev resides in Rataplan this week. He draws inspiration from...
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The original vibration of the universe. The sound of creation. Vishuddha. Impressions of Lila Magnifique’s residency at Monty where she takes the opportunity to host...
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Tour d’Anvers

  Tamayo Okano, Lila Magnin, Timur Magomedgadzhiev and Marthe Koning start their Sharing Practice, a residency in collaboration with Mestizo Arts Platform, Rataplan, Corso, detheatermaker...
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