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Tour d’Anvers


Tamayo Okano, Lila Magnin, Timur Magomedgadzhiev and Marthe Koning start their Sharing Practice, a residency in collaboration with Mestizo Arts Platform, Rataplan, Corso, detheatermaker and Monty, in March.

From 13 March, they’ll focus on experimentation and research. On a weekly basis, they’ll share their findings with each other. Through exchange – they strengthen and deepen each other’s research. And open new perspectives to each other. Every week they move on to another workspace at Corso, Monty or Rataplan where they continue their research. At the end, 31 March at 3pm, they’ll share their research with each other and a small group of invited guests at Rataplan.

Together, we biked from Rataplan in Borgerhout, to Monty in Antwerp-South and Corso in Berchem. We made introductions and prepared the residency.

Mestizo Arts Platform