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A review by Evelyne Coussens on THE CHANCE TO FIND YOURSELF

Evelyne Coussens wrote a review of THE CHANCE TO FIND YOURSELF, the performance in which theatre makers Benno Steinegger and Jovial Mbenga give a playful insight into a theatrical friendship with many ups and downs.

Already some quotes from the review:

‘The Chance to Find Yourself’ is not about what can be seen, it is about who is watching and the way they are watching.
[…] Constantly, and without wasting many words on it, we are taken through the essence of the medium of theatre – the act of looking, of representing – we are reminded of the differences with which not only the performers, but we also struggle with. […] It is a ‘meta’ approach, using the medium of theatre in its full power, to clarify an underlying substantive point.

Read the full review that appeared on e-tcetera (in Dutch), click HERE.

Benno Steinegger & Jovial Mbenga PLAYED THE CHANCE TO FIND YOURSELF 01.12.2022 at Campo Victoria.

Distribution The Chance To Find Yourself – season 2023 – 2024 via Thassos.

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