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Introducing Tamayo Okano

While focusing on caring roles Tamayo Okano questions concepts of femininity.

Doing so, she aims to listen and use women’s voices as guides to delve into the depths and identify ways of caring together. An attempt to find the self where no one is looking. A state of ‘being’ far away from social patterns.

During the Shared Practices residency, she explores different drafts to develop workshops, listen and collect women’s voices.  Deepening her research on the body and memory.

James Joyce told me once: ‘In the particular is contained the universal’.
I appreciated the advice. It taught me that the closer attention I pay to my ‘particular’,
the better chance I have of reaching you in yours.

– On Connection, Kate Tempest – 

Shared Practices. Een residency in collaboration with Corso, detheatermaker, Mestizo Arts Platform, Monty and Rataplan. With the support of the Flemish Governement.
Mestizo Arts Platform