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Introducing Marthe Koning

Marthe Koning does Fernando Pessoa’s poems in What Pessoa taught me. 

With her voice and body, she interprets his poems. Ranging from unrecognisable growls to a classical recitation. The audience determines the order and the improvisation that goes with it sets the course. She never knows where she starts and where we all end. Pluriformity of identity is her great driving force. She gives voice to the heteronyms from which Pessoa wrote. His philosophy is brought to life as she brings the boundlessness in herself on stage.

Together with her sisters, she forms the interdisciplinary performance collective King Sisters with whom they made Song of the Sisters (Best of Fringe Award 2018), Talking Songs (2020) and Rebuilding a Voice (2022).

Shared Practices. A residency in collaboration with Corso, detheatermaker, Mestizo Arts Platform, Monty and Rataplan. With support from the Flemish Government.
Mestizo Arts Platform