Fridays at MAF

On Fridays at MAF we stage a mixture of music, dance and theatre: a taster and a short stop on the way to the Mestizo Arts Festival in October

For many of the artists a ‘Friday at MAF’ is an informal stop on their artistic path. It is an instructive stopover, somewhere between a work in progress and the Mestizo Arts Festival. See it as a meeting up of travellers on a station platform, all heading to the same destination. You will see fragments of various performances, all with a common thread – usually the Festival’s annual theme. Alongside the artistic nourishment there is bodily nourishment in the form of a themed meal available in the MAF Resto at every MAFfe Friday event.

On Fridays at MAF, the Mestizo Arts Platform tests the city’s climate. What moods are floating through the streets, what vibes are humming in the air? Performers and artists present their impressions and show the city from their perspective, often through binoculars or a magnifying glass.

Mestizo Arts Platform