MAPping: artists map their cities

MAPping: artists map out their city in a performance, an artistic city plan and online walking route.

In MAPping four performers explore their city. Their exploration is developed into a performance through the city, a book with the city’s tales presented as a layer of stories and an online artistic walking route. Each performer works from a different discipline. A director from another city with an external perspective assists the four artists. He or she serves as sounding board and will weave the different stories together.

Every city is a store of memories and the background décor for the performances of its people, be they glorious or banal. In MAPping performers explore the streets in amazement, like social and cultural cartographers. They go in search of random, indefinable places and untangle their meaning. With an individual approach. Using a favourite sense. Or from an absurd, personal obsession. They use their particular artistic practice to show us the little gems. To the small things that make up that great, blaring, celebrating thing that is the city, in all its beauty, vulnerability and confusion. Enjoy the city – it is your own.


In 2014 performers mapped out Antwerp and Mechelen. The performances linked to these explorations were brought to the public in 2014 and 2015. You can order the books via e-mail:

The research stage of MAPping Brussels started with a residence of Junior Mthombeni at KVS in October 2015. MAPping is also programmed for Gent, Turnhout and Rotterdam. Buenos Aires and Mexico City are sure to follow shortly.

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