The Research & Development department of the Mestizo Arts Platform

The Mestizo Arts Platform identifies, explores and collects information about new artistic practices in the city. BRAINS is a place where ideas bubble up to the surface and enthusiasm sparkles. Together with experts who have gained practical experience in the art sector, we consider the challenges facing the art sector and beyond. The sessions are informal and upbeat. Hidden, secret agendas are banned and obvious ones will be pushed aside. BRAINS is an ode to the spontaneity of thought. It is a feast of collective intelligence: behind every practice, every project or pathway, behind every organisation you will find people with the essential grey matter. These are the brains, giving form and direction to the activities. At BRAINS they share their practical knowledge and expertise.

BRAINS is a source of inspiration that continues to sparkle thanks to the excellent artistic feedback. The form it takes varies, but always includes a reflection on atmospheres, impressions, anecdotes and insights. The reports give clarification and create the handbook for new urban arts: they form the margin notes of the Mestizo Arts Platform atlas. This gives everyone a taste of the cultural capital coming out of the debates.

We don’t shout and scream our messages, but create an intimate corner – digitally or on paper – where voices can find their way to listeners, whispering into the dark and dormant regions of grey matter and make them tingle and light up.

These BRAINS already took place:

  • BRAINS 1.0 New communication strategies (5 – 13.08.2014)
  • BRAINS 2.0 Urbanism (17-31.10.2014)
  • BRAINS 3.0 Street Arts I (18 & 19.04.2015)
  • BRAINS 4.0 Das Kapital: Alternative organisation & financing models (15 – 17.06.2015)
  • BRAINS 5.0 Streets Arts II MURAL (27 – 29.10.2015)
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