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BRAINS ON RESIDENCIES online publication

A report and a growing work paper with tips and insights.

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In Dutch, but with links to translated pages about the residences.

A review of 3 years of residencies! Residents explain what they did and how they experienced that free space.
This way, we also want to inspire other artists and arts organisations: how do you do it, (help) develop an artistic practice? After all, each residency was also an experiment in residency shaping, and here we report on it. For each report, you can click through for more info.

This growing working document with tips and insights was co-fed by our ‘BRAINS roundtable discussions’ on 25 May 2023 with some 50 residents, artists and art workers. Together* we discussed the art of development and residency. Their collected experiences certainly do not offer a final answer, but aim to help everyone ask the right questions.


In collaboration with Rataplan, KVS, Nau Ivanow, Walpurgis, Ultima Vez, Monty, C o r s o and detheatremaker and with support from Bovenlokaal Cultuurproject Kunstendecreet Vlaanderen, Stad Antwerpen and Arenberg, Mestizo Arts Platform was able to organise 3-year residencies with Enrica Camporesi, Rona Kennedy, Ester Nadal, Les Mybalés, Junior Akwety, Maryam K. Hedayat, Lucila Guichón, Jennifer Baez Matos, Colectivo Lastesis, Tamayo Okano, Timur Magomedgadzhiev, Marthe Koning, Lila Magnin.

On Thursday 25 May, we talked to the artists about these residencies during [pick each other’s] BRAINS. Afterwards, invitees could experience fragments from their artistic investigations in the SHARING PRACTICES PERFORMANCES containing a look at research by Enrica Camporesi & Rona Kennedy, Timur Magomedgadzhiev, Marthe Koning and … we celebrated that we received structural funding for the next five years, that we are working at a new location and that we just love to bring all our friends together again.

*Participants BRAINS: Gerardo Salinas (KVS),Femke Vanpoucke (Rataplan), Freija Bosmans (Rataplan), Eline Van Hoye (Fameus), Wouter Hillaert, Andrea Gallo Rosso, Chaib Idrissi, Karim Kalonji, Somalia Williamsson, Nerkiz Sahin, Sarah Kaerts (werkplaats immaterieel erfgoed), Gosie Vervloessem (wpZimmer), Ester Torres (Storm op komst), Hilde Vanhoutte (Ultima Vez), Kim Nzita Vangu (Rataplan), Hannelore Dreher,
Isabelle Bats (La Balsamine), Saskia De Ronde (Zinnema), Alex Deijman, Max Greyson, Riet Meusen (workspacebrussels), Steven Heene (Behoud de begeerte), Jinka Sarpong (Arenberg), Enrica Camporesi, Rona Kennedy, Lila Magnin, Marthe Koning, Tamayo Okano, Timur Magomedgazhiev, Junior Akwety, Lucila Guichón, Jennifer Baez Matos, Ester Nadal, Joana Rossi (Atelier Rojo), Charlotte Cornelissen (MAP), Mulanga Nkolo (MAP), Tine De Pourcq (MAP)

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