Annual planning

WIPCOOP is a year-round development course that takes place in various phases

January-May = Kick-Off of the new edition

The local partner organizations of WIPCOOP meet in each city, to discuss which artists they would like to invite for the following Work In Progress. These can be artists who contacted MAP for support, or who have been tipped by partner organizations, because they are brooding on some idea. 

During these meetings, we also discuss the progress of artists who have previously participated in WIP: Where do they stand today, who is in need of what…?

If you would like to participate, please let us know before March: or 

MAP enters into conversation with these makers of new work, in order to check on their expectations and needs.

June = Introductory meeting

In each city, the artists and the organizations get together for a first meeting, during a so-called WIPCOOP COMMUNITY moment. They become acquainted with one another, taking a first step in what may become a later cooperation.

June – October = Preparations 

MAP follows up on the involved artists and their progress towards the Work In Progress: How is the rehearsal process going, what about the technical rider, planning and communications, how can one prepare oneself for feedback sessions,…?

October – November = The highlight of WIPCOOP

WIP days in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Mechelen! These include an evening programme of #WIPCOOPPLAYS: Finished shows by artists from previous editions, spread in the months of october-december in different theatres.

After that = To be continued

Together with the involved artists and organizations, MAP discusses further steps and follows up on them. We keep everyone up to date with #WIPCOOPSESSIONS, #WIPCOOPPLAYS and #WIPCOOPFRIENDS.

To support the artists in various phases of their work, WIPCOOP, in cooperation with a few specific organizations, offers other impulses:


The artists engage in conversations about their work, with experienced playwrights, coaches, directors … This takes place in September, in collaboration with Het Theaterfestival.

At that time we also offer group workshops that focus on feedback: How does one handle feedback as an artist, how can you prepare yourself for this, how can you organize such feedback, how can you pitch your project, …


Presentations by artists who have previously participated in a WIP edition. Here they can try out the following phase of still unfinished creations before an audience, if wanted followed by a conversation about the work.


Try-outs or premieres of finished shows, from a previous WIP edition. During the WIP days in that period, some of the theatres in WIPCOOP will book finished plays. We also give other playing dates an extra boost, by communicating about them.


In January we organize a programmers day.

During that day several artists will show their creation to programmers, either in a complete or a shortened form, while we still pitch other performances that are on tour. A short follow-up conversation is planned after each piece. This is a nice steppingstone for artists, for having their pieces played in cultural/arts centres. We do this in cooperation with Booking agency Thassos.

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