PLAYS: RELIGION? KITEND! – Jenny Onya Ambukiyenyi

Considered as an imaginary territory where imaginary identities move and evolve, The S.A.P.E. (also known as The Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People*) questions the modes of re-appropriation of the dominant culture and the complexity of the post-colonial identities.

But above all, it proposes a model of individual emancipation through which the «sapeur» re-affirms his identity through his deep relationship with Nzambi Ya Mpungu, the incarnation of Beauty in all its forms. Beyond the clothing of these «designers’ hides a call to travel, an odyssee in which the body finds its salvation in the cult of ‘the claw’.

*La Sape (also known as The Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People) is a subculture centered on the cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of Congo respectively. The name comes from the French slang word sape, which means ‘clothes’ or ‘dressed up’. La Sape aims to show elegance and style within fashion, similar to predecessors before. People who participate in the movement are called sapeurs.


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