PLAYS: KHEIR INCH’ALLAH — Yousra Dahry / Mohamed Ouachen

With humour and tenderness, Yousra, 33, looks back on the education her father gave her. 
An education that is supplemented by Drarism, the mentality carried by young people from the neighbourhoods, the Draris.

This education affects her relations with men, a subject she examines in the light of her many identities and values which compete for the first place: loyalty, taghenanism, femininity, …and drarism.
As the world whisperes about who to become, she becomes confused.
 Her father, a touching character, is involved in the education of his little girl by offering her the best he knows, thinking that his tools will be enough to protect her, because his greatest fear is not being able to protect his child from the adult world.
 Her mother, from her own history, tries to let this little girl become, but to see her become is also to no longer be indispensable in her daughter’s life.

French spoken

Text and performance: Yousra Dahry – Direction & dramaturgy: Mohamed Ouachen – Dramaturgy & production-assistant: Samira Hmouda – Stage manager: Stanislas Drouart – Light design: Gauthier Minne & Valentine Bibot. Coproduction: Le Rideau, Pianofabriek – Citylab, Distribution: Le Rideau. With the support of Mestizo Arts Platform/WIPCOOP

Mestizo Arts Platform