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A Talk With Mike Pro

Mike Pro is touring with DE EIGEN LEGENDE, a unique and highly relevant performance. In this article, you’ll find out more about what inspires him, his motivation, …

What inspires you as an artist?

People who are different and dare to express themselves. I love the fact that someone does something daring and paves a way for himself in this. My own story and the urge to do something with it is my motivation to listen to the little voice inside me and inspire others with it.

How has your artistic journey progressed so far?

Um…bumpy! During my career as a rapper, my lyrics were mainly based on my frustrations. I had to get it out and I wasn’t concerned at all with what my surroundings thought of it. In my current creations, these frustrations haven’t disappeared, but I’ve had to learn to nuance, so that my story gets more context.

What drove you to make THE OWN LEGEND?

I saw “How do I bring YouTube to a stage?” as a new challenge. The live entertainment content creates a certain energy that I use as fuel to continue my further creations. This is what makes my heart beat and I feel alive.

What distinguishes you from other artists?

For ‘De Eigen Legende’, I want to sit in the creator’s chair. I want to mix my love for theatre with my passion for audiovisual arts and techniques. This could become my trademark, which will then distinguish me from my artistic fellow-colleagues.

What is the difference between your YouTube channel and theatre?

Once the show is finished and I can go on tour with it, every time I do a show, I get the feeling that I am creating it all over again ‘on the spot’. I also think the live comments are much more special than the ‘likes’ or uploading a video.

What is your favourite part of the performance?

That would be the intro, in which I take you with me into my daily routine. The ping-pong effect between me and the visuals are well matched, so the visuals and my performance are in sync. The information provided by artificial intelligence is less pedantic and makes difficult subjects like alchemy easier to chew.

If the sky is the limit. Who is part of your ultimate dream team?

I want to create magic. My head is full of ideas that I sometimes want to project almost literally. So people or institutions who have the means to create this magic are indispensable. As an artist, I need feedback from people who know what I want to say and can assess the world around me. I want to touch people and conquer their hearts and I feel that the closest I can get to my emotions is together with the woman who has conquered my heart. She is my business manager, my psychologist and provides the necessary self-reflection in my creative process.

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