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NELA DELEU is creating the monologue VLAMINGO. An intimate and personal story in documentary form. An autobiographic play about love and integration.

What inspires you as an artist?

Connection and contact with people from other countries.

How has your artistic journey progressed so far?

In Bosnia, I was the Bosnian sweetheart, “our” actress. Here… to be continued.

What drove you to make VLAMINGO?

Loneliness. It is a remedy that has worked perfectly so far.

What is your favourite part of the performance?

The part where I play my partner. It is very liberating to feel what it is like to be on the other side, facing myself.

What does your husband think of VLAMINGO?

He is threatening to publish his side of the story in a book.

If the sky is the limit. Who is part of your ultimate dream team?

In one way or another STROMAE is part of that team, I don’t know how yet though. And “if the sky is really the limit”, then I would like to play this piece while politicians of all ideologies – left and right – are sitting together in the hall.

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