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So, the story of the Oermoeder goes further.

She followed the recepy of the Gods: she created a language and she gave form to de Gelijkaardigen (the Similars).

But they were brutal and run away from her without learning her beautiful language.
As she was angry at the Gods, she decided to make up her own recepy.
She eventually did that and out of the flesh of the Similars she created many generations of creatures.

But they would not keep her company: they would see her only as a Goddess.
She felt betrayed and alone.
Nobody would use with her the beautiful words and forms she prepared.

And then the Nature came to comfort her (in Dutch: om haar te troosten, which sounds really consolatory).
Out of this joyFULLLL embrace, a new creature was born: a son and a daughter, a fish a bird and a cat and a poes.
A MUTAfOrMa: a shapeshifter.
Een gedaanteverwisselaar.(…)

– text: Enrica Camporesi –


Stanza – On Proximity. An artistic research by Enrica Camporesi, Rona Kennedy and Mestizo Arts Platform (Fiëbre vzw) with the support of Rataplan, De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the City of Antwerp
Photos: Karolina Maruszak
Enrica Camporesi and Rona Kennedy in conversation with Duraid Abbas Ghaieb, Charlotte Peys, Merel Franx, Ahilan Ratnamohan, Kopano Maroga, Katrijn Baeten, Dario Capelle, Steven Brys, …
Mestizo Arts Platform