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Première The One (Et Demi) Man Show – Salim Haouach et Pitcho Womba Konga

An almost-one-man show. With a man, a real one. One and a half, if we’re being nice. Just the half if we’re being critical. No matter what, he steals the show. And the fans love that. Some say he’s hot. And the fans love that. And the women? Do they love it? That doesn’t matter. Or does it? It’s him who has the floor, him who gets heard. That’s how it goes when you’re a public persona, right? You say what they want to hear from you, no? And what about them?

This solo performance directed by Pitcho Womba Konga offers a unique and intriguing view of the omnipresent rape culture. It takes the audience right to the heart of the issue. Laryssa Kim’s soundscape and a contribution by sexologist Zina Hamzaoui mingle with an unsettling performance by Salim Haouach and the voice of Nihale Touati.

The One (Et Demi) Man Show is a show in the Work In Progress WIPCOOP 2020 Plan B(ehind doors) series to premiere!

Follow the live stream on 24/7 platform of KVS. Click HERE for info and tickets.

The performance (45 mins) is followed by a 30-minute discussion (FR/NL) with Pitcho Womba Konga (director and co-author), Salim Haouach (actor and co-author) and Zina Hamzaoui (midwife and relational therapist), moderated by Kristin Rogghe (KVS dramaturge).

The One et Demi Man Show is the first coproduction by Ras El Hanout and KVS.

Ras El Hanout was founded over ten years ago by a group of Brussels friends who believe in theatre as a means for empowerment and dialogue. The company, led by artistic director Salim Haouach, now has its own theatre in the heart of Molenbeek and tours yearly with several productions. In ten years, they have created over 30 theatre plays, which were performed over 300 times in total for over 40.000 viewers.

Poster: KVS – Pictures WIPCOOP 2020 © Karolina Maruszak
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