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A musical journey on the connection between Congolese and Cuban Rumba music in collaboration with Enrique Noviello (Bandoneon & Saxophone, Murga) and Yodi Omankoy (musician, specialist in Bantu music).ย  An investigation into the journey of instruments and the evolution of rhythms across continents and centuries.

#RootsInRoutes #residency Pics by Victoriano Moreno


A dance performance about house music and culture in collaboration with Zach Swagga.
An investigation into the origins and symbols of different traditions that influence the house movement and music.

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Click HERE artist page Junior Akwety – WorkInProgress 2020

Click HERE artist page Zach Swagga – WorkInProgress 2021

#MyHouse #residency Pics by Victoriano Moreno


A participative theatre workshop series for young people with Aรฏcha Cissรฉ and Nabil Mallat as coaches. An introduction in the creative process of theatre making. By staging everyday scenes, the group gets to know and understand the process of creating tomorrow’s culture. This series of workshops in Rataplan is part of a project they started at Het Kiel.

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Junior Akwety – singer, songwriter and actor – His music has taken him halfway around the world, from Los Angeles to Cape Town. In recent years, he has played in KVS productions: Malcolm X and L’Homme de La Mancha and recently in Who’s Tupac?. Besides performing, he also wants to work as a maker with new concepts and artistic languages and forges alliances with artists from different disciplines.
The residencies My House and Roots in Routes are in cooperation with Mestizo Arts Platform and Rataplan.
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