WIPCOOP Sessions: Michel Kiyombo + Lucas Katangila (Sessions with Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi 22.11)


Mestizo Arts Platform organizes WIPCOOP sessions in collaboration with Rataplan. Program change: The WIPCOOP Sessions with Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi moves to 22.11

MATCHOMBE / Michel Kiyombo

Yesterday, a tiny creature weighing 1,100 kg … came into the world very early. Fed by probes, in an incubator, protected way too hard for my own good. Today, after 28 years, I have become a man who dances in spaces that would have crushed me yesterday. Today I am a father myself. What is my vulnerability today?

Credits: Concept and performance: Michel Kiyombo – Music: Youness Unik – Translation: Greet Vissers and Somalia Williamson – With the support of kunstZ, Cie MAR GOMEZ, De Grote Post, Les Studios Kabako, Danspunt, Alliance Française de Kisangani, Rataplan and Mestizo Arts Plarform / WIPCOOP.

Freestyle / Lucas Katangila

Lucas Katangila is a dancer, choreographer and activist passionate about hip hop and contemporary and traditional African dance. In Goma he worked several years with vulnerable children and child soldiers, a region affected by war. With his brothers and friends, he founded “Ndoto Mchezo Za Watoto”, a dance project through which they claim children’s rights. He uses his art as a weapon against war and violence in Goma. Recently he won the Roel Verniers Price 2020 for his solo Ndoto (Het Theaterfestival). Discover his work!

DIVIDE AND RULE (working title) / Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi

One of the many leaders of an ancient and unknown continent did not appear at the annual celebration. His absence is very unusual and did not go unnoticed. It turned out that an intruder had set foot on the continent .

Divide and Rule is a musical story about a series of events, with far-reaching and unseen consequences, that turn a whole continent upside down. A fictional documentary – with references to historical facts and figures such as: the race of Arfrika, the Berlin Conference, Leopold II, Otto von Bismarck, … A story about the conquest and occupation of states that could just as well have been non-fiction .

CREDITS Text and performance: Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi – Soundscape: Alec De Bruyn. With the support of Mestizo Arts Platform / WIPCOOP, Rataplan and Stad Antwerpen. 

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