PLAYS: HIER BEN IK – Manu Moreau

A musical jazzy monologue on the struggle with your roots when double blood runs through your veins.

Manu Moreau is quarter Ugandan. At the age of 50, his father meets his mother. Together they have three sons, two white and one light brown: Manu. He grows up in Zwijndrecht, a village where he is the only one different. 
With Hier ben ik, Manu embarks on a search for his roots. In order to better understand himself and his place in the world. Beause: if you want to know who you are, you have to know where you come from.

Besides a comedian, Manu Moreau is also a spoken-word artist. In line with big names like A Tribe Called Quest, Jazzmataz and De la Soul, he sets some of his rhymes to music. The legendary hip-hop DJ Thong samples and scratches the beats and music together.

Text & Play Manu Moreau / coaching Johan Petit / Beats music DJ Thong a.k.a. Thong Nguyen / image, light & sound Tim Clement / production Marha!tentatief / with the support of Mestizo Arts Platform / WIPCOOP, the tax shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

In Dutch

Mestizo Arts Platform