Bully — Because U Loved Loathing Yourself & Le Vide



Choreographer Tomas Ntamashimikiro is on a mission: to conquer a permanent place in the traditional theatre circuit with fully-fledged urban dance productions. His first own creation BULLY is a step in that direction: a short and powerful choreography for three dancers with elements of hip-hop, popping, krump, house, locking and waacking.

In 2018, Tomas started a preliminary study on the theme of bullying. Today BULLY revolves around the idea: what if we see depression as a form of bullying ourselves? Accompanied by the sounds of a jazz musician, a music producer and an R&B vocalist, he visualises the entire mental journey. From the depths to the peaks, the vicious cycle of self-hatred and guilt. How can you break the cycle?

Choreography: Tomas Ntamashimikiro / Dancers: Remy Mpuki Lutete, Danys “Popping Danys” Vanderhaeghen, Joseph Garbar / Music: Fender Mackenson Rooms, Youniss Ahamad, Xavier “Soul Leone” D. Bascho-George / Coaching: Mohamed Boujarra / Coproduction: Zinnema, Straatrijk, Fabuleus


WIPCOOP, 2019. Director Ester Nadal is in Brussels at the invitation of Mestizo Arts Platform and attends Les Mybalés‘ performance À travers l’autre at KVS. Ester is immediately triggered by the dancers, the twin sisters Nathalie and Doris Bokongo Nkumu. Intentions were set and after a few changes of course, this new trio, together with Mestizo Arts Platform, has been working on artistic research and residencies in Antwerp, Barcelona and Brussels since November 2020 on the theme ‘Le Vide’ or ‘the void’. In a free form yet to be determined, Nathalie, Doris and Ester will share their artistic reflection on LE VIDE with the KVS audience.

Dance: Les Mybalés / Direction: Ester Nadal / Production: Mestizo Arts Platform / With The Support Of: Kvs En Het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Rataplan, Nau Ivanow, De Gemeenschap Van Vlaanderen En De Stad Antwerpen

Mestizo Arts Platform