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Find a spot in your agenda for these October PLAYS

05.10 // Milø Slayers MONSTRARE ET/OU MONERE at STUK, Leuven #dance
A living triptych about monstrosity as a possibility >> Book your tickets here.

08.10 // Funuun ESCAPE at Arenberg, Antwerp #theatre
We flee to find a way out in love, purification or freedom in life >> Book your tickets here.

14, 15, 16.10 // Hüseyin Umaysiz SAD BIRDS PAVILION at Monty, Antwerp #theatre
Sad Birds Pavilion takes you on a long journey through Kurdistan. A poetic encounter with the melody of a language, its sound and resonance >> Book your tickets here.

27 & 28.10 // Awoulath Alougbin ARO ILÈ at KVS, Brussels #dance
A performance that starts from an exploration of the intersections between the ritual dances of Benin and krump. About resilience, the poetry of the soul and about how you can come home to yourself through dance >> Book your tickets here. 

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