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Stanza – On Proximity. Parallel residences

We exist in relation to.
(This artistic residency also.)

From this shared assumption and from our bibliographic, documentary and (auto)biographical collections, we – Enrica Camporesi and Rona Kennedy – look at dialogues as a form of resistance and as a search for form.

During our parallel residencies in Rataplan (19-30 April 2021) we will occupy the backstage area of the theatre as a shared research room: an in-between space where we unfold our archive material through critical questions in search of new connections and unexpected twists.

Credits: Enrica Camporesi and Rona Kennedy in conversation with Duraid Abbas Ghaieb and Charlotte Peys
Photo’s: Karolina Maruszak
Stanza – On Proximity. An artistic research by Enrica Camporesi, Rona Kennedy and Mestizo Arts Platform (Fiëbre vzw) with the support of Rataplan, The Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp
Mestizo Arts Platform