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Le vide in Barcelona

#LeVide #residency

Les Mybalés and Ester Nadal continued their artistic research on ‘Le Vide’ in Nau Ivanow in Barcelona from 24 to 30 May. In March, they already resided for a week in Rataplan. In the autumn, they will meet again for a residency and show in KVS.

Between dance, theatre, music … they challenge each other to new experiments, starting from … le vide, the nothing. Each residency, new layers are added and interwoven with their research. Visual artist Younes Van den Broeck and photographer Victoriano Moreno already added a dimension to the work-in-progress and now musician Lluís Cartes is also involved.

Curious to see how this evolves further? For sure: there is nothing to lose, in the nothingness.

LE VIDE. An artistic research by Les Mybalés, Ester Nadal and Mestizo Arts Platform (Fiëbre vzw) with the support of KVS and the Brussels Capital Region, Rataplan, Nau Ivanow, The Community of Flanders and the City of Antwerp
Mestizo Arts Platform