WIPCOOP Sessions ÇIĞDEM Y. MIROL + Tister Ikomo


13 and 14 October Rataplan hosts a new series of WIPCOOP Sessions with work by Çiğdem Y. Mirol, Mouss Sarr, Junior Akwety and others.
13 October we plunge into a book with BOOKPERFORMANCE by Çiğdem Y. Mirol.  And Tister Ikomo gives us an insight into his journey with the dance solo Nzela Na Ngai’.


In this triptych, you travel from Kinshasa “La Belle” to Belgium. A dance performance about trials, transformation and the quest for recognition. Via trash transformed into rhythmic percussion, traditional dances and music, choreographer, musician and dancer Tister Ikomo tells a personal story.
Choreography and dance – Tister Ikomo / Coach – Isnelle da Silveira / With the support of Danspunt, WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


In BOOKPERFORMANCE Çiğdem Y. Mirol melds the book, the performance, the author and the reader/audience into one. Çiğdem plays with the boundaries between the stage and the audience, erasing them through objects, movement and silence. Words fly through images and lines that emerge.

Joy becomes synonymous with understanding a strange and absurd life and love story. Only as long as they both sound the same and generate homonyms when “we” enjoy and/or understand.

Çiğdem y Mirol develops BOOKPERFORMANCE as an artistic and literary concept as well as a worldview.
As a writer and performance artist, she challenges the body and sound of a textual self. A textual self that transforms itself into the sound and body of a real self through visual and musical dynamics. During Bookperformance, the reader is invited to participate in the creative process.

Çiğdem’s experience in academics, journalism, theatre, visual arts, psychology, teaching, translation and literature explains the fundamental values of the concept and the “The Weird & The Absurd” philosophy behind it, and contributes to an understanding of transparency in the concept.

Concept and performance: Çiğdem y Mirol / www.bookperformance.com. With the support of WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform and Rataplan.

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