WIPCOOP Sessions Alex Akuete


Double bill: Connect with your demons + (PARADOX) by Alex Akuete


Connect with your demons is an artistic investigation into the inability or unwillingness to connect with our demons, that part of ourselves that we always tend to avoid. Often out of fear of not being considered perfect. But are you perfect if you are not true to yourself?
“The term Angel has no sense of existence without its nemesis demon. They both need one-another to become part of existence, so does black need white to exist as Black. ”

Alex Akuete aka X-Ray is a dancer, painter and fashion designer. In 2018 he founded the X-ray collective. With this group of young people he presented the Work In Progress Connect With your Demons during WIPCOOP 2019 in Arenberg.

CAST: Alex Akuete – Bruna Poejo – Mirah Lil – Nina De Preter – Tijs De Wit COACHES: Karolien Verlinden – Steven Brys – Nina Plantefève-Castryck WITH THE SUPPORT OF Talent Development Fund, Mestizo Arts Platform and Rataplan.


(PARADOX) is a reflection of Alex’s personal quest for what is right and what is wrong. Are my own truths clear? Fascinating how often I contradict myself while still sticking to the same principles. Everything is everything and nothing at the same time.

CONCEPT and DANCE: Alex Akuete – COACH: Gerardo Salinas and Steven Brys – With the support of KVS, Mestizo Arts Platform and Rataplan.

Mestizo Arts Platform organizes WIPCOOP sessions in collaboration with Rataplan.

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