WIPCOOP Session SINBAD Mohanad Mukhtar

SINBAD Mohanad Mukhtar / kunstZ

Will you join me at my birthday party?

SINBAD is a visual and musical performance about a boy who celebrates his birthday for the first time in his life.

The boy is both curious and nervous about the party. How do you prepare a birthday party without parents and family around? As everyone remained behind in Baghdad.

You are invited to join him on his birthday party. Will you celebrate with him?

Performance and concept Mohanad Mukhtar / image Zahra Eljadid / music and sound Alec De Bruyn / choreography Paulo Guerreiro / scenography Lize Blauw and decoratelier Gatam / coach Greet Vissers / a production of kunstZ / with the support of BeHuman, Walpurgis, Fonds Voor Talentontwikkeling/Fameus, Rataplan, WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform/ with thanks to Koen Depoortere

This WIPCOOP Session is part of the Storm Op Komst Festival 2021 Turnhout.

7+, Dutch spoken

Mestizo Arts Platform