With VLAMINGO, Nela Deleu reveals her path to become Fleming. A specific and recognisable love story.

VLAMINGO is an intimate story, a monologue in documentary form. An autobiographical play about integration. Through personal experiences, Nela Deleu goes in search of a universal understanding of integration, assimilation, adaptation, appreciation… With a generous portion of humour, she reflects on the importance of Dutch and general language development. And takes you along in her quest for ways to overcome cultural and mentality differences.

Text & play: Nela Deleu – Coach: Nele Vereecken – With the support of Mestizo Arts Platform/WIPCOOP, LARF! De Kazematten, KAAP, CC Brugge.
Part of the text appeared in MO*-Magazine. Click here to read the article.

Mestizo Arts Platform