PL3MONS Younes van den Broeck – Antwerp Bijou


Pollution, dead fish in the ocean
Pollution, pollution, dead fish in the ocean
Lalalalalalalalala tide is high
Kill them with the flow
Wipe them all out and then they will know
Ring the alarm
Another world is dying
Corruption, destruction, tornedos lighting, lava eruptions

“PL3M0NS” is a hybrid, Afro-futuristic, multimedia performance in 3D style, based on a post-apocalyptic scenario: climate change is a fact and the population is in survival mode. Alien, parasitic creatures find a host through plastic to cause destruction and destruction on Earth. “PL3M0NS” is about the predatory role of plastic and other pollutants. All masks, sets and costumes are made by Van den Broeck himself. He works with professional artists but also with young people without previous theater experience. This mix is ​​a great strength of his work.

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Mestizo Arts Platform