PLAYS: HAVE A SAFE TRAVEL – Eli Mathieu Bustos

Have a Safe Travel tells the story of a train ride. That ride could be banal. Until three policemen stop Eli Mathieu-Bustos and ask for his passport.

Immersed in the memory of this event, as banal as it is violent, we discover the first procedures of an oppressive system. In this first solo, the choreographer has transformed the systemic violence he was subjected to into a powerful and unique performative material, developed using the ‘De Caelo’ technique. This technique, devised by the artist himself, involves leaving plenty of room for emotional intelligence, situated knowledge and improvisation. It also appeals to astrology, celestial charts and the way the stars can tell us something about our bodies.

Choreography, dramaturgy, performance, concept: Eli Mathieu-Bustos – Lighting design: Maureen Béguin – Sound design: Loucka Fiagan – Production: AnAku – Supported by Mestizo Arts Platform – WIPCOOP (Be), KVS (Brussels, Be), La Bellone (Brussels, Be), Be My Guest – International Network for Emerging Practices, Kaaitheater (Brussels, Be), la Balsamine (Brussels, Be), DeSingel (Antwerp, Be), AnAku, Kunstencentrum BUDA (Courtrai, Be) with the Almost summer|Feminist Futures Festival, Belluard Bollwerk festival (Fribourg, Ch), Short Theatre Festival (Rome, It) – Outside directors: Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Eric Cyuzuzo Niyobisi, Maria Dogahe, Ennassouh, Jazz Guyot, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Brandon Kano Butare, Lucas Katangila, Krystel Khoury, Ana Kuch, Soto Labor, Sophie Sénécaut, Liza Siche-Jouan, Milø Slayers, Marie Umuhoza

Mestizo Arts Platform