WIPCOOP Sessions ESCAPE Funuun


ESCAPE. For centuries, escape has been one of the most important ways to escape from danger, disasters and misfortunes that plague and threaten our lives.

Who loves more than a lover? Who washes himself in the raging waves, rises from the sea or is pulled into the depths? Who rises ever higher and who flies, falls or floats around without wings?

We flee to find a way out in love, purification or freedom in life.

Funuun is a trilingual collective (Arabic, Dutch, English) founded by artists/storytellers/dreamers, each with their own story. Funuun brings artists together and wants to discuss socially relevant themes.

Concept & Direction: Adel Jaralah / Coach Directing: Duraid Abbas Ghaieb / Acting: Meryem Kılıç, Abdullah Almejbel, Hayder Mohamed Kadom, Liliane Simons / Music: Gizem Karaosmanoglu / Scenography: Hussein Shabeeb / Technique: Wouter Dupon / Production coordination: Gwen Vanderreyd With thanks to the City of Antwerp, Arenberg, WIPCOOP/MAP, Tenawa vzw and Fameus.

Mestizo Arts Platform