It started when I could talk,
because I asked my parents many questions.
Mama why do people look different?
Why other people live in big houses and others in shacks?

When I was a little boy, my father gave me an assignment without direction. And he said “Son, you are my first child, a strong boy, with a lot of power”. As a little boy and as a young adult, I did not understand him! But as a South African, born and raised during the apartheid regime, I searched for what I really wanted. Education was the first key. It was how I fulfilled the desires of Nelson Mandela and my parents. The second key: “a wound for one is a wound for all”. I mean, what is segregation? Imperialism? No, I mean….

DE OPDRACHT is a narrative with Zukisa’s experiences as the common thread. Born and raised in South Africa during the apartheid regime. Zukisa shares his joys, sorrows and his desire to be here and meet you.

Actor: Zukisa Nante – Coach: Luk Nys – Production: Madam Fortuna – With the support of Mestizo Arts Platform/WIPCOOP