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The creation of The Void, contradictio in terminis

#LeVide #residency

For a week, Ester Nadal, Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu worked with Le Vide (The Void) at Rataplan.

In this contradictory research, filling Le Vide while exploring it, they examined different forms and languages. They developed their own vocabulary and Nathalie turned out to be a master in dissecting Haikus. They looked for material to illustrate Le Vide, tried to define it with words that do not lend themselves to it and explored on stage L’échec Total, trying to explain something that cannot be explained.

They also had a dialogue with Kristin Rogghe, Aurélie Disasi (city dramatists KVS) and director Frederique Lecomte. In May 2021 Nathalie, Doris and Ester will meet again at Nau Ivanow for a residency in Barcelona.


Photographs: Victoriano Moreno

LE VIDE. An artistic research by Les Mybalés, Ester Nadal and Mestizo Arts Platform (Fiëbre vzw) with the support of KVS and the Brussels Capital Region, Rataplan, Nau Ivanow, The Community of Flanders and the City of Antwerp
Mestizo Arts Platform