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Sneak peek The Unreliable Archives

A sneak peek of the quirky collection of objects and curiosities that make up The Unreliable Archives by Rona Kennedy

Textures of decomposition and regrowth. Material study.

Photos: Rona Kennedy

Maker: Rona Kennedy / Current partners: Workspace Brussels, CAMPO, Mestizo Arts Platform, Rataplan, Voo?uit, ONBETAALBAAR / In artistic dialogue with Kopano Morago (Dramaturge & coach), Sanne Van Rijn, Enrica Camporesi & Charlotte Peys (dialogue partners), Célia Fechas (performance), Bart van den Eynde, Sophie de Somere, Steven Brys. Saskia Louwaard & Katrijn Baetens (Scenography), Duraid Abbas Ghaieb (movement and rituals) / Supported within the framework of the post-experience Masters in Theatre (Direction and Scenography) at Toneelacademie Maastricht and with a short-term development grant within the Arts Decree of the Flemish Government.
Stanza – On Proximity. An artistic research by Enrica Camporesi, Rona Kennedy and Mestizo Arts Platform (Fiëbre vzw) with the support of Rataplan, The Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp
Mestizo Arts Platform