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Photo album WIPCOOP BXL Plan B(ehind doors)

WIPCOOP PLAN B = #BEHINDOORS MAP explores together with the artists and partners alternatives to make the different Work in Progress visible and supported.

October 28, Lila Magnin and Nina Muñoz presented respectively AZAD and La Ave in KVS without audience. Film maker Hussein Shabeeb captured Artist Talks with Jihan Imago and Yipoon Chiem.

October 29 Salim Haouach and Andrea Gallo Rosso presented respectively The One (et Demi) Man Show and Piéce per Cinque in Kaaistudio’s without audience. Mouss Sarr told us more about his Work in Progress ‘BLACK’.

Stay tuned because MAP plans to show – when possible – all the planned Work in Progress for an audience and to give you an insight into the creative processes of Jihan Imago’s Natural Born Healer, Cie. Barhal’s Enter the BCU and Mouss Sarr’s ‘BLACK’..

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Pictures © Karolina Maruszak
Mestizo Arts Platform