13.11 WIPCOOP 2020 #WorkInProgress Antwerp

#WIPCOOP shows new work by Roxette Chikua, Junior Akwety, artist collectives Schaduw and e-c-h-e-l-o-n

By Arenberg and Mestizo Arts Platform

13th of November these Antwerp based artists show each a maximum of 30 minutes from their Work In Progress. Afterwards they will talk with a select group of dramaturges, workplaces, producers and programmers for 1 hour about the work shown and possible support.

The Work In Progress takes place during the day and entrance is free. Given the exceptional circumstances that the Corona pandemic entails, we work with reservations aimed at the professional sector. For questions contact mulanga@mestizoartsplatform.be.

Finished performances (#Plays) resulting from previous WIPCOOP editions can be seen during the evening program in Arenberg on several days (-> see www.arenbergschouwburg.be)