#makesomeroom: Soirée Composée – Lila Magnin, Briana Ashley Stuart & Sandra Delgadillo

During Soirée Composée, Westrand Dilbeek makes room for artists who will help define the future of our arts field and surprises the audience with fresh work by new creators from Mestizo Arts Platform’s network In a specific formula: #makesomeroom.

Get ready for an evening where you will taste a mix of different styles and artists. Each will present about 30 minutes from their artistic record.

Lila Magnin
Lila Magin is a dancer, choreographer and musician. In her body language, Lila Magnin switches smoothly from the voguing floor to the contemporary, from the ballerina bar to the pavement, from the mudras of Bharata Natyam (Indian traditional dance) and breakdance. Her research focuses on her eclectic identity and the ability to define herself plural as a human being.

Briana Ashley Stuart
In her interactive solo performance Becoming Together, she uses the movement and energy of stepping – a traditional African-American dance form – to create a live cultural exchange. She invites the audience to join in and explore the possibilities of making music with the body.

Sandra Delgadillo Porcel
Fania22 is a tribute to Fania All Stars. Fania22 is a colourful, warm performance with live music and dance, an ode to salsa and Latino culture. Fania All Starts is a Latin jazz band that pioneerded the renewal of Cuban music in New York in the 1970s. Fania22 draws parallels with migratory flows in 1970s New York and today’s Europe. With this preliminary investigation of the performance, Sandra aims to visualise the link between dance and music and pay tribute to influential artists of Latin American origin.

Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP) supports emerging artists to develop new work and bring it into dialogue with the arts sector, and vice versa. Through collaboration with many partners, MAP helps these creators grow on to the stages in Flanders and beyond. And that is exactly what will happen this evening in Dilbeek.

Mestizo Arts Platform