Let’s talk about: creating for a young audience

When you create a show for children or young people, you are facing the future. This young theatre audience – which also includes the artists of tomorrow – is very diverse. Making theatre for this audience is therefore particularly interesting and challenging.

Makers from the network of WIPCOOP work with new forms and artistic languages, and are a reflection of who lives and creates in the city. From the numerous meetings and conversations, there appears to be a lot of interest in showing work to a young audience. And many questions.

When is a performance suitable for a young audience? What are the points of attention for different ages? How is a performance educationally embedded? How can you, as an artist, develop an optimal dialogue with your young audience?

These and many other questions will be discussed in a new series of talks organised by Mestizo Arts Platform and HETPALEIS. To this end, they invite artists from the WIPCOOP network to enter into conversation with staff members of various youth theatres. The aim: to make visible what expertise and ideas artists have, and to show them the way in the field of children’s and youth theatre. The first meeting is planned during Het TheaterFestival: an evening of exchanges about inspirations, experiences, working methods and visions.

MAP and HETPALEIS jointly strive for a more diverse representation of society on the theatre stages for young audiences.


Mestizo Arts Platform