Double Bill: Lila Magnin & Nina Muñoz

DOUBLE BILL: AZAD Lila Magnin – LA AVE Nina Muñoz #WIPCOOP @ CC Le Jacques Franck

AZAD, freedom. Can we give a genre to dance? Why is one movement described as feminine and another as masculine? With a personal gesture, Lila Magnin moves from the voguing floor to the contemporary floor, from the arms of ballerinas to the asphalt of hip-hop, from the mudras of Bharata Natyam (traditional Indian dance) to the mudras of breakers. She questions the eclecticism of her identity and the possibility of living as a human being with multiple definitions.

In a time of globalisation and mixing identities, Azad, dares to push back frontiers to find her way. A human story outside the genre.

Lila Magnin is a dancer and choreographer and music creator. Lila has her own visual and musical universe which she has been sharing on stage and social media for several years now. In 2019 she will choreograph her first piece the #roof is on fire. Her second piece Azad, is her first solo.
Credits: Lila Magnin – Dance / With the support of le BAMP and WP Zimmer.

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Artistic direction, choreography and performance: Lila Magnin / Music : Lila Magnin & Shye Ben-Tzur / Lighting consultant : Aurore Leduc / Advisor & coach : Mercedes Dassy / Choregraphic assistant : Annlydie Groenen / Stage coach : Jeanne Sauvat. With the support of le Bamp, WP Zimmer, Le Jacques Franck, WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform

LA AVE The idea for La Ave grew after a passage in the Ballroom scene and an introduction to “Muxess” – a third gender from an ancient Zapotec culture. Driven by a fascination for social constructions and perceptions about gender, Nina Muñoz started an artistic research. What if we disconnect gender from the body and connect it to time or language? Can we rethink our binary view of humanity? Through this dance theater performance, Nina Munoz tries to reintegrate the binary structure of gender into a multidimensional concept.

Nina Muñoz focuses on social dynamics, the genesis of social systems and investigates how these can be deconstructed through movement, theater and poetry.

Credits: Nina Muñoz – director / Justine Theizen – Krump & Hiphop / Sandra Hilaerts – Vogue / Stanley Olivier – Contemporary & Vogue / Pepijn Leenders – Music / Kopano Maroga – Coach / With the support of Zinnema and Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten.

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