What if there was a secret that had the power to change our past, undo our mistakes, teach us our true talents and reveal the answer to the question “Why am I here on earth?” to reveal itself?

With all the resources of the Internet, Mike Pro makes his way through the mystical branches of the world’s religions. Instead of listening to what others claim to know about God, Mike Pro investigates for himself in his YouTube laboratory.

Making your own legend come true is man’s only obligation. Everything is one. And if you want something, the whole universe works together to make sure you achieve your dream. – The Alchemist

DE EIGEN LEGENDE is a lecture-performance for the searching soul who is willing to throw everything overboard.

Mike Pro takes you through his childhood and young adulthood, where the search for himself and the divine spark are central. And shares the discovery of a long kept secret.

Check the teaser HERE.

By and with Mike De Ridder. With the support of WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform, Arenberg & Fonds voor Talentontwikkeling.

Mestizo Arts Platform