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#savethedates + Let’s talk about Creating for/with the young

Grab your calendar for this series of #savethedates with new discoveries of performances for kids, youth, families and friends

CIRCUIT and PL3MONS at Foul Play Storm On The Way – Festival
Sunday March 6
  >> Try – Out CIRCUIT + PL3M0NS – installation, The TU1N D3r PRUTS3N C-Mine, Genk
Sunday March 27 >> Try – Out CIRCUIT + PL3M0NS – installation, De TU1N D3r PRUTS3N De Warande, Turnhout

> CIRCUIT is an installation by Alex Akuete and Nina Plantefève – Castryck for children and families where you will discover – playing with positive and negative poles through movement and touch – what kind of music you can make together!

> The idea for DE TU1N D3r PRUTS3N arose from pl3MONs universe, a surrealistic, fokovite sci-fi installation ‘Amazing Waste’. Discover the world of Spitler (Younes Van den Broeck) and Fokovism and come face to face with gruesome, alien creatures (pl3MONs). Enter another world that is totally alien to you and live an unforgettable experience, where plastic lives and plants look at you.

Sunday 13 March >> SINBAD (7+) – Rataplan, Borgerhout

A performance by Mohanad Mukhtar about Sinbad, a boy from Bagdad who celebrates his birthday in a new country.

Sinbad is very curious and a bit nervous about this party. After all, how do you prepare for a birthday party without parents and family around?

After the performance, the children are invited to celebrate together, share stories, dance, sing and have some sweets too!

Thursday 24 March >> DE EIGEN LEGENDE (14+)  – OC NOVA, Antwerpen Kiel

April 2020. Lockdown. Contact with the outside world is mainly digital. Forced to talk to himself, Mike Pro tries to cope with the silences and his own thinking. But how does this thinking work? To what extent is it determined by our origin, background and own choices … As we shift between choices and expectations, we may feel constrained to choose a box. Or is it possible to escape from this? By combining all the tools of the internet, Mike Pro finds his way through the mystic branches of the world religions. Rather than listening to what others say about spirituality, he dives in his YouTube laboratory to find answers. A must-see!

Friday 25 March >> WIPCOOP Sessions NIEMANDSLAND (14+) & VLAMINGO – Rataplan, Borgerhout

> NIEMANDSLAND takes you back and forth between the past and the present to land while dancing on Anna Borodikhina’s inner melody. Anna raps, sings, plays and talks about how she moves in a world in which she does not feel at home. Her parents fled Kazakhstan with her as a three-year-old for political reasons.

> Nela Deleu reveals with VLAMINGO a monologue in documentary form, a specific intimate and recognisable love story. Nela moved 5 years ago from Bosnia-Herzegovina – where she was a professional actress and known as Nela Djenisijevic – to Belgium for love.


++ Also mark 2 & 3 April for the 17the edition of LEZARTSURBAINS FESTIVAL at KVS with showcases by Zach Swagga & Junior Akwety, Roxane Hardy, Barhal Cie, Yipoon Chiem … . More info about LEZARTSURBAINS Festival, click HERE.

++ In the meantime, Junior Akwety is working on a number of projects together with Zach Swagga and Aïcha Cissé, including the BUREN-project with youngsters in collaboration with OC Nova and Rataplan. In June, he will continue this research during a residency in Rataplan. Read more about it HERE.

And last but not least! On 14 March, LARF! and De Kopergietery are hosting a Ghent LET’S TALK ABOUT.  Artists and cultural workers from children’s and youth theatre sit down together to share practices and experiences about creating for/with a young audience.

The first edition took place autumn 2021 in Antwerp @ Hetpaleis during HetTheaterFestival. In Ghent, Enrica Camporesi will moderate the discussions.


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